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Call for mailart campaign  - animalistic and humanly -

Terms and conditions:

This is a call on every national or international artist to mail (conventional mail, no e-mail) one or several selfmade postcards regarding the given theme.

All established formats up to the sice of 11 x 21 cm.

Every piece of art has to be furnished with the complete legible adress and e-mail adress of the artist. Every transmittal will be registered.

The artistic intention as well as a relation to the theme have to be recognizable. Otherwise the theme is freely interpretable.

Feel free to use every artistic technique (drawing, collage, printing technique, photogaphy, texting, ect.)

Post adress:

unARTig - Kunst Initiative

c/o Karin Lämmle

Hauffstrasse 40

71696 Möglingen


closing date: 31st January 2016

Based on the regular terms of the mailart-movement 'no jury  - no fee - no return' -  all transmittals will be collected, registered and published.

After the closing date all transmittals will be published in a traveling exhibition (places and times of the exhibitions will be announced in the future).

There is additional information as well as publications and dates on the website 

Postcards without a relation to the theme, discriminatory against thirds or opposing applicable law will be eleminated from the campaign.

By sending the contribution every artist agrees with the terms and conditions and authorizes the host to publish, distribute and reproduce the art free of charge. The contributed art can be used in corresponding media for reporting, publishing and public relations. The sending artists assure that they own the copyright of the art and that thirds can't invoke any right to use.

As customary in mailart campaigns the transmitted pieces of art will remain with the host.


What's mailart?

Mailart ist art by mail.

Artists from all over the world follow the footsteps of Ray Johnson who started the mailart-movement in the 1960ies by founding the New York Correspondence School.

In the periphery of Neo Dada, Fluxus and Pop Art a network arose that is open for everyone - artists and artistically interesteds.

From the beginning on mailart was an art of network reflecting itself, developing artistic ideas and virtual personae as well as changing the social behaviour of participants. All that is possible because mailart always is an art of thought inviting to experiment and play.

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